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You have reached the official website of the

San Jose Area Local 73

We are still located in the same area, but moved to the building besides us. We are now on the first floor.

New Address:
1879 Lundy Ave Suite 138
San Jose CA 95131
Office: 408-428-0126
Fax: 408-428-0143
Our mailing address will remain the same:
PO Box 612125
San Jose, CA 95161

The Union Office is open Monday to Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm.
Closed on HOLIDAYS.

If you are here because you need a shop steward, please call the number above and leave a message so we may contact the appropriate steward who is certified for your area. But be sure to leave your name and phone number and post office location with a brief message regarding your issue.


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