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NPC Members Take it to Capitol Hill

The National President Conference of APWU State and Local presidents, gathered in Washington DC for one of its periodic meetings. This time for their conference the State and Local Presidents and other APWU officers, members and their families descended on Capitol Hill, meeting with elected officials to discuss the Postal Reform Act of 2017 and other issues of importance to postal workers.

“We need to let them know that the post office must remain viable, that we have workers in the post office that need to make a living wage….We are a service first,” said Antoinette Robinson, President of the Greater Kansas City Area Local. ”It’s important for all of us to come together and fight for basic human rights.”

NPC Chairperson Chuck Pugar explained that persuing positive legislation is a crucial part of a local or state president’s job – and one of their most integral roles is delivering messages on behalf of members to respective elected officials.

“By holding our March meeting in DC during the odd years, it puts us in touch with each new Congress” he said. “When you can go on the Hill as a group, people see how it’s done and it becomes more familiar. So when you bring others with you, it’s normal and natural and they learn how to do it.” 

Source: NPC Members Take it to Capitol Hill | APWU